MICHELIN LATITUDE SPORT 3 Off-Road Tyre (Performance)


Fuel Efficiency: C / Wet Grip: A / Noise (dB): 70 / Noise (Bars): 2
Produced with an extra 10% of tread footprint from the previous generation Michelin Latitude Sport, providing improved safety on the wet.

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TYRE Michelin 255/50 vr19 107 V XL LATITUDE SPORT-3, 4 x 4 Width: 255. High: 50. Diameter (inches): 19. Load Index: 107. Speed Rating: V 240 km/h. runflat: No. Type: 4 x 4 vehicle. TYRE Type: Summer. Sound Level: 70. Energy class: C grip on wet: A. Warning: If in the image shows a rim is understood that is for a better viewing, of course not this included in the price. Remember that you can choose in addition to your home, another direction or it is delivered in a workshop concerted to your mounting. What we need to take into account the time of purchase the tyres? European efficiency and safety labelling the European label for tyres of cars which came into force in November of 2012 informs of the characteristics of the relevant tyre for the environment and the security, with the purpose of achieving a greater safety in traffic and a lower consumption of fuel. Security of tyres: The grip in wet is decisive for the security of driving. Divided into classes that go to the G, although d and g are not used. The difference in the braking distance between the class A and F can be for example of 18 M. Fuel Consumption of tyres: A Reduced resistance to rolling saves fuel and CO2. The rating indicates the class A (Green) to the class G (Red), although d is not used. The Rise To A Higher Class represents a saving of fuel of approx. 0.1 l each 100 km noise of the tyres: The noise emission of the tyres influences in the total volume of the vehicle. The measurement value indicates the volume of rolling. More full is the tyre bar, the higher the outside noise. The new label is designed to display information of 3 parameters, although there are other important factors to bear in mind: These factors are not provided by all the marks of tyres, are important but are synthesized by the standardization of nu

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